Android 2.2.1 Released(the unofficial change log)

Cory Hardman · October 4, 2010

Early last week, I received a notice on my Nexus One that Android 2.2.1 was available for download. I was surprised but excited none the less. So I quickly searched the web looking for any and all information about what was new. It turns out that a number of people had posted that the new version of Android was available but no one had any kind of change log.

Well now that I have had the update install on my Nexus One for a week I think I may have found the extent of the new features:

WiFi finally works correctly. A number of Nexus One users have had a hard time getting their phone to auto connect to known WiFi networks. I believe it had something to do with it would stop after one failed attempt to connect at the fringe of the network. Well now this is fixed, in fact my battery life nearly cut in half the day after the update. I had my WiFi sleep options set to "never turn off." Before the update, this was not actually an issue due to the fact my WiFi was never actually connected. However after the update my phone is almost always connect to the campus WiFi as would be expected. So I turned back the sleep options to turn off when my screen was off and my battery life went back to normal.

Different color status lights. I was told, when I purchased the Nexus One, that the track ball would glow different colors depending on the type of notification you have. I was sad to see that not to be the case when I got the phone. With Android 2.2.1 my track ball now sometimes glows green instead of the white. Email, text message, and missed calls all seem to glow white. While things from Google voice, like texts or missed calls, make it glow green. I can't seem to find any options on how to switch this or try to get it to glow any other color. It seems silly to make a device that can glow either green or white, perhaps it does more but the feature to set it has not been fully integrated in the phone. Hopefully the next update will complete this feature.

I am sure there are a number of other updates, most likely security updates. I hope that in the future Google makes it a point to release some sort of official change log so that people are not just guessing. Let me know if you have found anything else new with Android 2.2.1.

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