Welcome, my name is Cory Hardman. I am an undergraduate at Kansas State University working towards two degrees inMathematics and Computer Science. At K-State, I am the Senior Adviser for the local ACM Chapter and the Mathematics Club.
On top of school I work for Surface Systems and Instruments as a special projects engineer, I help develop road profiling hardware and software. During the summers I hold internships, which have included Union Pacific,ConocoPhillipsMicrosoft, and Koch Supply and Trade. If you are interested in hearing more, you can find my resume on thecontact page, along with many other methods to contact me.
In my private life, I am engaged to Jessica Charles. The wedding date is set to be June 16, 2012!
This site contains some of my research and projects that I do on the side which can be found on the Research/Project page. I also post some of my thoughts on the blog portion. Hope you enjoy!